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As I was waiting in line for across the floor in my AMAZING turns and technique class yesterday at The Pointe my thoughts were just racing with ideas for fall. I realized that working on your technique is something that is always needed. It should be consistent, uplifting, and challenging. A dancers technique requires maintenance, it’s kind of like a car, and there is always something that needs to be fixed, tweaked, or replaced. I realized this yesterday. Even though I’m a teacher, I still require maintenance. My technique is not perfect, nor will it ever be! But, I must say I had so much fun in that class yesterday! I was dripping in sweat, my feet were black from the floor, my toes rubbed raw from turning so much, and I had no idea my lower body could ever get so sore. I got many corrections, but guess what? It’s okay because i’m not perfect, but I grew as a person, a dancer, and as a teacher. This is my goal for this upcoming year. I want to help each child to learn to express themselves through dance, better their technique, and most of all love the environment and girls that they dance with.

Spring Recital 2011


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This past year at The Dance Studio has been a BLAST! We had the highest number of students in the history of The Studio! Beyond that, we had the best costuming and dancers than ever before and an amazing assistant, Whitney Hinz. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with these girls this past year and its been an incredible experience to watch all of them learn and grow!

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Come on in and check out our new website! Thank you so much to Chase and Jessica Hooley for their amazing design skills 🙂 2011 Dance Camp Registration is now OPEN to ALL BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Come get all the info and get registered today! It’s going to be a BLAST!