Mowhawk Hairstyle


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Hair, Hair, Hair. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. For all of my 8-11, Beginning and Advanced Drill Prep dancers, this post is for you! A step by step description with pictures of our recital hairstyle. Hint: Give it a try before the day of the recital!

1: Start with dry hair, and wet roots of hair with spray bottle leaving ends dry. Apply a strong hold gel to roots of hair. With a fine toothed comb, pull top of hair into a ponytail without a part.

2: Pull mid section of hair into another ponytail and repeat with bottom section of hair. You should have three separate ponytails down the middle of dancers head. It is very important that all hair is completely slicked with gel, hairspray and smoothed with a fine toothed comb and no fly aways.

3: Using small clear elastics, create 3 loose messy buns in each ponytail.

4: Using bobby pins, fasten the loose messy bun tight to dancers head. It is important to mix the three messy buns together to make it look like one long bun. Hint: I like to open the bobby pin, insert a small amount of hair inside, close bobby pin and twist the pin down to insert into bun.

5: Insert headband and criss cross bobby pins to secure headband to head tightly on both sides. If you have the feather, secure it on the right side of bun.

Secure hairstyle with a lot of hairspray and bobby pins. Hope these pictures and descriptions help ease your mind. Don’t forget to give this a try before the day of the recital!


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