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Regular People’s Describing Words of Summertime: relaxing, lazy, swimming, BBQ’s, snow cones, boating, staying up late, celebrations, tan lines, sun, family time, and most of all, fun!

My Describing Words of Summer 2012: classroom, internship, traffic driving to Springville and Orem daily,  gas money, float building, electrical work, sheet rock, wood flooring, paint, mirrors, installing speakers, applying research, group therapy class, website editing, ad designing, planning ahead, homework, reading textbooks, Miss Lehi, DVD making, husband planning for MBA, and most of all, stressful!

Opposite sides of the spectrum ah?? I can pretty much say this has been the craziest and most non-relaxing summer of my life. Somewhere in the mix of my crazy life, a lot of great things are about to come to pass… at least I think so! On August 10th, I will officially graduate from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Family Studies. Geez that’s a mouth full. In the August issue of the Hometown Values Magazine, Erika’s Dance Studio will have it’s first advertisement listed. Sometime in August, the dance studio remodel will be completely finished (I think my husband will be more ready for this than anyone). Lastly, hopefully in September all of the studio’s goals, ambitions, and dreams will be fulfilled with a studio full of the best dancers, parents, and friends in Lehi!

Amidst all the craziness, I find time to enjoy my favorite part of Summer, watching So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday nights at 7pm on Fox 13. As a starstruck lover of dancing and choreography, I find myself laughing, crying, and being fulfilled all in a 2 hour time frame. To say the least, my husband even looks forward to Wednesday nights at our house. Take a little time each week to watch and support these amazing dancers, we even have a few contestants from Utah! Enjoy some of my favorites! Keep checking the blog for updates about Fall Registration and the Studio Remodel.

Okay… I pretty much just posted the entire show haha!

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