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As I was waiting in line for across the floor in my AMAZING turns and technique class yesterday at The Pointe my thoughts were just racing with ideas for fall. I realized that working on your technique is something that is always needed. It should be consistent, uplifting, and challenging. A dancers technique requires maintenance, it’s kind of like a car, and there is always something that needs to be fixed, tweaked, or replaced. I realized this yesterday. Even though I’m a teacher, I still require maintenance. My technique is not perfect, nor will it ever be! But, I must say I had so much fun in that class yesterday! I was dripping in sweat, my feet were black from the floor, my toes rubbed raw from turning so much, and I had no idea my lower body could ever get so sore. I got many corrections, but guess what? It’s okay because i’m not perfect, but I grew as a person, a dancer, and as a teacher. This is my goal for this upcoming year. I want to help each child to learn to express themselves through dance, better their technique, and most of all love the environment and girls that they dance with.

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