How should I fix my child's hair?
Hair must be pulled back off of face.
What should my dancer wear?
We are really easy about what they wear! A lot of girls will wear tights, a leotard and a tutu. Some girls will wear work out gear or a t-shirt. As long as it is fitted to their body, and they can have a full range of motion, they can wear it to class.
What does my dancer need for their feet?
For the younger girls, they can wear a basic ballet slipper. For my older girls, we like them to wear Foot Undeez or Turners.
Are there any performances?
Yes! We do one recital in the Springtime, usually May.
Will I be charged any extra fees?
We don't require a registration fee. The only other fee you will be charged other than monthly tuition, is a costume fee and recital fee in the Spring.